Monday, March 30, 2015

Fijian Heart of Palm

This came through my email, looks like I'm adding something to my shopping list. Once I'm back at a computer I'll try to upload the longer page with info about the harvesting and cultivation process. I found the mulching aspect alone very interesting, may have to visit. 


Fresh Heart of Palm
from HOGAMATA Farm, Sigatoka Valley

Fresh and 'Ready to Eat'!
(Easter Special $15 per kg. Normal price is $28)
Order Now! Offer ends Friday 3rd April
Heart of palm is the edible core from a number of palm tree species. They are firm, smooth and crisp, sometimes described as resembling the flavor of an artichoke. Its crisp texture makes the food an ideal addition to salads and stir-fry meals. Harvesting is a costly exercise and for most palms involves killing the tree, as such palm hearts became known as "millionaire's salad." Nutritionally, hearts of palm are cholesterol-free, low in fat, contain a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients, and are high in fiber. France is the largest importer of hearts of palm. In many upscale restaurants hearts of palm salad is a standard appetizer found on the menus. The French serve them chilled in salad, but they can be enjoyed braised, deep-fried, stir-fried, sautéed and boiled. In Latin America, they're occasionally served casserole-style, drizzled with cheese and rice or piping hot on pizza.
At Hogamata Farm we farm the peach palm, a species with multiple stems, as such our harvesting is non-destructive and does not kill the palm. If kept cling wrapped (protected from oxidation /drying out) and refrigerated, peach palm heart can keep for up to three weeks. Check out the nutritional analysis of heart of peach palm and some recipes:
Orders for fresh heart of palm – Easter Special
We are currently running a special introductory discount for Easter and will accept orders by close of business on Friday 3rd April. Delivery is on 6th or 7th April. The minimum order for this special is 1 kg. Contact: Dick Watling – Mobile: 9923189
Hogamata heart of palm is sold cling-wrapped, ready for consumption and without protective sheaths or end caps. Orders of 10 kg or over are delivered free on Viti Levu. In Suva, orders can be picked up at the office of Environment Consultants Fiji, 259 Prince's Rd. Tamavua. Orders in the west will be couriered.
HOGAMATA FARM – Fiji's Home of Fresh 'Heart of Palm' Cultivation
Hogamata farm at Lokia, Sigatoka Valley, is Fiji's only cultivator of Pejibaye or Peach Palm Bactris gasipaes, a suckering palm which enables sustainable harvesting from the same plant. The farm has over 4,000 bearing palms, 100 of which are separately cultivated as an orchard for fruit and seed production. Poultry manure, high quality compost, the recycling of all harvest debris and an organic fertilizer provide the crop nutrients. These together with gravity-fed drip-irrigation from our own spring and the non-destructive harvesting technique provide for a sustainable and advanced agroecological cultivation system.
Hogamata Heart of Palm, the largest piece is approx.1.2kg.

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