Friday, May 29, 2015

Remember the last times

The first times are easy to record and remember, but when is the last time you'll see someone? When is the last time you'll have coffee together?

Soon after I became I mom I read an article talking about firsts... and lasts. We notice those first words, those first steps, those firsts so quickly, but in the end, it's the lasts that pull at our heartstrings. When is the last time you're going to walk down the front steps of the house you just bought? When is the last time that your child will be small enough for you to swing him up onto your shoulders? When is the last time that you will talk to your parents? 

I try really hard to stay in the moment and to be aware of what is happening in the now. Even so, some of these last moments have snuck up on me. I'm trying not to have too many more of those happen, but I think it's part of life.