Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fiji Arts Club Choir

To all members of the Fiji Arts Club Choir and other friends,

Over the past year or so we have lost several members of the choir through people coming to the end of contracts etc. and returning to their own countries.  At the same time, I like to think that others have come to Fiji and hopefully there are some who sing and perhaps were in choirs in their own country.  They would be welcomed into the very multinational Fiji Arts Club Choir with a strong truly local content.  We have vacancies in all parts, but especially tenors and basses.

As you may know, we did produce a programme of music for Christmas Day with FBC TV.  That programme was shown three times on Christmas Day and we have received some good comments including from the UK where one comment was, "I wish we had programmes like that over here".

Over the years we have produced over 40 programmes for Fiji TV with programmes for Christmas and Easter including The Crucifixion and Olivet to Calvary.  In addition we have given first performances of music written for the choir, performed various concerts, mainly in Suva, staged performances of some Gilbert and Sullivan, sung the National Anthems and other music for the Queen's Birthday, also for the American 4th July celebrations and for the Korean Day.  In remembrance of those who died in the 9/11 attack in the USA we sang the Faure Requiem.  Last year we sang at the French day of music with a quartet from Noumea in two highly acclaimed performances.
I have just returned from the UK and intend to commence rehearsals after Easter on Sunday 12 April at the Fiji Arts Club, commencing at 7.00 pm.  The next programme will be for a general concert to be followed by a TV recording for a Christmas Day programme.   

I will be grateful if you could please circulate the contents of this email to friends and others who are not on the above list of emails.  Also apart from emailing, please directly make contact with other members, friends and relations etc.  Hopefully we can expand our numbers and also give all members the chance to sing at a high standard.

Should anyone require more information, I can be contacted by email on  robinandla@connect.com.fj   my mobile number is 992 5670  

Kind regards
Robin Palmer

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