Friday, March 20, 2015

Communicating Climate Change Oceania Center Exhibit

Received via email: 

Dear Amerika,

I enclose here an invite for the opening of next week exhibition at Oceania Center. I surely have told you that I went to Beqa last November for a workshop.

It was a research project to evaluate the potential of visual arts for communicating climate change issues, increasing public engagement and making climate science more accesible to a Pacific audience.

We worked with a High School center and we created our art work in the island mostly with the elements we found there. Recycling is one of the concepts to convey.

We were encouraged to work in four dimensions so I made some sculptures for the first time.We have also created many colorgraphs I am sure you will find beautiful.

This exhibition is also part of the research project. A video about the one week workshop will be showcased . There will be a coktail too so we will have the opportunity to network with other friends.

I will love to see you there



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