Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stuff I heard about that looks fun - March Edition

This week's episode of "Amerika Moves To Fiji" found me visiting a lawn bowling club and then a spice farm. Tuesday I was at bookclub at my son's school and then was briefing high school students on how to welcome career speakers to their school. Tomorrow I'm going to training with Corona Fiji to learn more about the hospital trolley. I also have the chance to present some workshops and in the afternoon I'll meet with a fellow expat about developing opportunities for campus expat partners and spouses.

So how did I find out about all this?

Well, one part is that I made some of these things happen by saying yes to opportunities that came my way. There's an improv theatre rule that you can apply to life: say "yes." If you're lucky you'll find someone in your life who'll say "yes" back. I remember reading about that and making a promise to myself to saying yes to as many things as I could. And that, dear reader, is the short version of how I ended up in Fiji.

But there's more to it than that. I also look for what's happening around me. I can't go to everything, but I like knowing about it. And today here's the stuff I heard about, most of it written the very same way it was shared with me:

♦ 5 March 2015 Free Cancer Clinic There was an estimated 14.1 million cancer cases around the world in 2012. The number is expected to rise to 19.3 million by 2025 (World Cancer Research Fund International) Do not wait until it's too late. Educate yourself on cancer now. You are all welcome to attend the Cancer Clinic at USP’s Health & Wellness Centre, and take advantage of the free private consultations with Fiji Cancer Society staff, and basic examinations for early detection.
Time:    9am – 2.30pm
Venue: USP Health & Wellness Centre (beside USP Westpac).

♦ 6 March 2015 Confucius Institute Free Movie Showing

♦ 7 March 2015 Zumba class at the USP Sports Gym this Saturday 7th March from 8am to 9am. These Saturday classes will be ongoing once a month.
Rates Adults - $5.00  & USP Student with valid Id’s and Kids - $3.00 Instructor – Litia Contact Mark on mark.fung@usp.ac.fj for queries.

♦ 25 & 26  March 2015 10AM Pacific Market Day, USP Campus, across from Cost-U-Less

♦ 28 March 2015 Nature Fiji: Learn from the Scientists: Meet the Architects of the Streams with Bindiya 28th March 2015 (Saturday morning)
Join Bindiya for a trip to Nabukavesi 3-tier waterfall and discover the animals, their in-
stream habitat preferences and how they act as bio-indicators for a healthy stream. Expect to see damselflies, dragonflies, caddis flies, mayflies, aquatic moths and more. Participants working in small teams will have fun sampling freshwater macro- invertebrates from the river, examining the diverse animals and learn the ecological importance of each individual collected. All sampling equipment will be provided. Transport will be provided: 7.30 am: Depart Suva from the Civic Center bus stop Destination: Nabukavesi, 40 mins from Suva. 12.30pm Depart Nabukavesi

I have trouble sitting on really cool info like this, so I'm passing it along. Hopefully I'll see you at one or more of these events!

Oh, and if you heard about something and want to get the word out about it, post a comment below or touch base, I'm pretty easy to find. EVEN BETTER - If you want to consolidate this information yourself and promise to share it for free and without using it to make a profit, send me your email, I'll happily send info your way.

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