Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sashimi, Beef & Fish for Sale

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Farmright Sales" <sales@farmrightfiji.org>
Date: Mar 31, 2015 1:25 PM
Subject: Sashimi, Beef & Fish for Sale
To: "Farmright Sales" <sales@farmrightfiji.org>

Happy Easter Everyone!

Fish is filleted, skinned off & vacuum packed, ready for Sushi & Sashimi.
Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna Loins ——— $21/kg.

All steaks are roughly cut to an inch thick & vacuum packed. Mince & Chop-suey beef come in 1kg vacuum packs.
Blade $14.00/kg
Top Side $15.50/kg
Rump $15.50/kg
Sirloin $18.00/kg
Scotch Fillet $22.00/kg
Steak Mince $14.80/pack
Chop Suey beef $15.80/pack

Fish is filleted, skinned off & vacuum packed.
Black Snapper fletch $13.50/kg
Spearfish portion $13.50/kg
Tuna Steaks (sashimi grade) $23.50/kg
Tuna slices (sashimi grade) $8.00 (300grams pack)

Fish is gilled, gutted, scaled & vacuum packed.
Plate Size - Ta, Ulavi, Kalicaka, Sabutu, Balagi, Bu ——— $16.50/kg

Fish is gilled, gutted, scaled with head & tail removed.
Sabutu ——— $18.50/kg

All deliveries will be done on Thursday the 2nd of April this week.
Reply to this email for your orders, last order closes at 9am Thursday morning.
Please include your mobile contact and delivery address.


Filipe Rogers.
Sales Department.
Mobile: (679) 7084940
Email: sales@farmrightfiji.org
Post: P.O.Box 17168, Suva, Fiji.

This email and any attachment are confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify Farmright by reply email and delete this email. Please note that you must not access or use this email or any information in it. Farmright accepts no liability in any attachment to it.


Fiji Arts Club Choir

To all members of the Fiji Arts Club Choir and other friends,

Over the past year or so we have lost several members of the choir through people coming to the end of contracts etc. and returning to their own countries.  At the same time, I like to think that others have come to Fiji and hopefully there are some who sing and perhaps were in choirs in their own country.  They would be welcomed into the very multinational Fiji Arts Club Choir with a strong truly local content.  We have vacancies in all parts, but especially tenors and basses.

As you may know, we did produce a programme of music for Christmas Day with FBC TV.  That programme was shown three times on Christmas Day and we have received some good comments including from the UK where one comment was, "I wish we had programmes like that over here".

Over the years we have produced over 40 programmes for Fiji TV with programmes for Christmas and Easter including The Crucifixion and Olivet to Calvary.  In addition we have given first performances of music written for the choir, performed various concerts, mainly in Suva, staged performances of some Gilbert and Sullivan, sung the National Anthems and other music for the Queen's Birthday, also for the American 4th July celebrations and for the Korean Day.  In remembrance of those who died in the 9/11 attack in the USA we sang the Faure Requiem.  Last year we sang at the French day of music with a quartet from Noumea in two highly acclaimed performances.
I have just returned from the UK and intend to commence rehearsals after Easter on Sunday 12 April at the Fiji Arts Club, commencing at 7.00 pm.  The next programme will be for a general concert to be followed by a TV recording for a Christmas Day programme.   

I will be grateful if you could please circulate the contents of this email to friends and others who are not on the above list of emails.  Also apart from emailing, please directly make contact with other members, friends and relations etc.  Hopefully we can expand our numbers and also give all members the chance to sing at a high standard.

Should anyone require more information, I can be contacted by email on  robinandla@connect.com.fj   my mobile number is 992 5670  

Kind regards
Robin Palmer

Monday, March 30, 2015

Fijian Heart of Palm

This came through my email, looks like I'm adding something to my shopping list. Once I'm back at a computer I'll try to upload the longer page with info about the harvesting and cultivation process. I found the mulching aspect alone very interesting, may have to visit. 


Fresh Heart of Palm
from HOGAMATA Farm, Sigatoka Valley

Fresh and 'Ready to Eat'!
(Easter Special $15 per kg. Normal price is $28)
Order Now! Offer ends Friday 3rd April
Heart of palm is the edible core from a number of palm tree species. They are firm, smooth and crisp, sometimes described as resembling the flavor of an artichoke. Its crisp texture makes the food an ideal addition to salads and stir-fry meals. Harvesting is a costly exercise and for most palms involves killing the tree, as such palm hearts became known as "millionaire's salad." Nutritionally, hearts of palm are cholesterol-free, low in fat, contain a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients, and are high in fiber. France is the largest importer of hearts of palm. In many upscale restaurants hearts of palm salad is a standard appetizer found on the menus. The French serve them chilled in salad, but they can be enjoyed braised, deep-fried, stir-fried, sautéed and boiled. In Latin America, they're occasionally served casserole-style, drizzled with cheese and rice or piping hot on pizza.
At Hogamata Farm we farm the peach palm, a species with multiple stems, as such our harvesting is non-destructive and does not kill the palm. If kept cling wrapped (protected from oxidation /drying out) and refrigerated, peach palm heart can keep for up to three weeks. Check out the nutritional analysis of heart of peach palm and some recipes: http://www.palmheartsaustralia.com.au/index.html
Orders for fresh heart of palm – Easter Special
We are currently running a special introductory discount for Easter and will accept orders by close of business on Friday 3rd April. Delivery is on 6th or 7th April. The minimum order for this special is 1 kg. Contact: Dick Watling – watling@environmentfiji.com Mobile: 9923189
Hogamata heart of palm is sold cling-wrapped, ready for consumption and without protective sheaths or end caps. Orders of 10 kg or over are delivered free on Viti Levu. In Suva, orders can be picked up at the office of Environment Consultants Fiji, 259 Prince's Rd. Tamavua. Orders in the west will be couriered.
HOGAMATA FARM – Fiji's Home of Fresh 'Heart of Palm' Cultivation
Hogamata farm at Lokia, Sigatoka Valley, is Fiji's only cultivator of Pejibaye or Peach Palm Bactris gasipaes, a suckering palm which enables sustainable harvesting from the same plant. The farm has over 4,000 bearing palms, 100 of which are separately cultivated as an orchard for fruit and seed production. Poultry manure, high quality compost, the recycling of all harvest debris and an organic fertilizer provide the crop nutrients. These together with gravity-fed drip-irrigation from our own spring and the non-destructive harvesting technique provide for a sustainable and advanced agroecological cultivation system.
Hogamata Heart of Palm, the largest piece is approx.1.2kg.

Friday, March 20, 2015

USP Student Concert March 26 to Benefit TC Pam Survivors

The students of USP are holding a Charity Concert on Thursday, March 26 at 6:30 PM in the Japan Pacific ICT Theatre on the USP campus.

Tickets are available at the USP Book Centre

In addition to the cultural performances at the concert on the 26th there will be info tables set up by students from each of the affected island nations as well as tables with food for sale there on site. It's a great event for the entire family and the money is going to a very worthwhile cause.

Free Tai Chi Classes Saturdays at the Royal Suva Yacht Club


The school of gentle exercises

TAI CHI is a non physical exercise based on a person's focus and slow body movements. It is one of the best and safe exercises for people of all ages. It aims to achieve a state of relaxation, well balanced of both body and mind.

It will improve your coordination, boost your immune system, increase lung capacity, blood flow and much more...

TAI CHI has both physical and mental benefits. It gives an overall sense of well-being and harmony. 

The five essential qualities of TAI CHI are: 
Slowness. to develop awareness; 
Lightness, to make movements flow; 
Balance, to prevent body strain; 
Calmness, to maintain continuity. ; 
Clarity, to focus the mind.

What to wear : Loose fitting clothing, flat shoes tie up, bring some water. 

Where : Royal Suva Yacht Club , Walu Bay, Suva. 

When : Mondays 9am-10am , Saturdays 10am-11am.

Cost : Free on Saturdays. Mondays, donation of $2 to IWA. 

Contact : Mrs Yaoling Martin : 9270058 


Designs on Nature Workshop at the Fiji Museum

Designs on Nature Workshop
Unleash your inner artist!
Make personal dragonfly/ butterfly earrings and brooches with Anne
11th April 2015 (Saturday morning 10am to 12pm)

Spend a lovely morning at the Museum veranda learning about Fiji's amazing dragonflies and butterflies through hands on Art and Craft workshop with fabric sculptor and artist Anne O'Brien. Be prepared to be surprised by your own creations with Fiji masi (bark cloth) which you will love to keep or present as a gift to loved ones. All equipment and materials will be supplied. 
Meet at the Fiji Museum Veranda at 9.45am. Workshop is expected to last two hours. Minimum Age: 12 years.
Cost: $10 for members. $15 for non- members. 
Bring your own drinks. Perhaps stay on at the gardens after the workshop with a picnic.

Anne O'Brien is an artist with a passion for conservation and a background in environmental education. She loves using locally sourced recycled fabrics to make life-like sculptures and puppets of endangered and extinct creatures to make a difference to conservation. She can often be found in Suva's second-hand shops feeling clothes for her next creation! This has raised a few eyebrows and questions. She loves a challenge and once made a bird from a takeaway coffee cup! As well as making models for NFMV, Anne is working on the new  NTF Discovery Centre with the team at Sigatoka Sand Dunes.  Anne's 'Anniemals' are being used around the globe for conservation education.

Why yes, I want Zumba

Another item that came across my email. If you're reading this sometime in 2015, please drop a line to Mark at Mark Fung mark.fung (at) usp.ac.fj and tell him what kind of classes you'd like to see at the USP Fitness Centre. 



Bula All,


Am just trying to gauge the interest out there for Zumba Classes at the Fitness Centre and secondly; what times would be preferable – early morning/Mid day lunch hour or late afternoon??

Grateful for your feedback as well as your friends who may be interested.





Communicating Climate Change Oceania Center Exhibit

Received via email: 

Dear Amerika,

I enclose here an invite for the opening of next week exhibition at Oceania Center. I surely have told you that I went to Beqa last November for a workshop.

It was a research project to evaluate the potential of visual arts for communicating climate change issues, increasing public engagement and making climate science more accesible to a Pacific audience.

We worked with a High School center and we created our art work in the island mostly with the elements we found there. Recycling is one of the concepts to convey.

We were encouraged to work in four dimensions so I made some sculptures for the first time.We have also created many colorgraphs I am sure you will find beautiful.

This exhibition is also part of the research project. A video about the one week workshop will be showcased . There will be a coktail too so we will have the opportunity to network with other friends.

I will love to see you there



Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ways to keep busy in Suva

Some more stuff came through my inbox, I'm copying and pasting and letting you know about it

Alliance Française de Suva
Language classes, crepes, free movies, nice people. I took my Fijian Language class there, I like them. Go.

Oceania Centre for Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies
Established in 1997 at USP because of concerns for cultural conservation and development of Pacific heritage. The Oceania Centre has grown into a leading creative centre for the region. Artists from across the region have contributed to the development of contemporary Oceanic art and have toured internationally presenting their unique forms of Visual Arts, Dance and Music to the world.

Every semester the Oceania Centre offers a full line of Visual Arts, Dance, and Music classes to the Suva community. Here's their list for early 2015

Tourism Fiji Events 
Fiji’s events calendar is loaded with festivals and celebrations to delight and inspire you. Flamboyant cultural festivals are held throughout the year, many of which are Hindu festivals put on by the Fijian-Indian community. Experience the week-long carnival-type festivals in Nadi, Suva and Lautoka, or for something more cultural head to Savusavu or Levuka. There are 12 public holidays in the Fijian calendar, some of which feature traditional dance and other public displays. Yachting regatta’s and music festivals are also popular, and there are regular rugby, golf and surfing tournaments. Whether you’re into music, culture or sport, you’ll easily find an event or festival for you.

Fijian Indian Cooking Class
A friend of mine is trying to find a sixth person so this class will make. Here's the details:
Organiser: Laura Itzkowitz
Contact: litzkowitz@gmail.com
Cost: $150 – Deposit of $50 required by 10 March
Meeting Place: Private home in Nasese
Date / Time: Friday, 13 March 5:30-8pm and Saturday, 14 March 4-7pm
Learn how to make delicious curries, chutneys, samosas and other vegetarian Fijian Indian delicacies. This two evening class will be a shorter version of Ruby’s Masterclass’s typical 6-week session. We’ll learn about the spices traditionally used in Indian cooking and make our own delicious treats each evening. You will be provided with a spice pack to take home and all recipes. Minimum 6, maximum 8 participants.

Lunchtime Seminar:  Friday 13th March 2015Dr. James Johnson and Ms. Pritina Vithal on “Prejudice in Paradise”: An Examination of Old-Fashioned and Modern Homonegativity in a Sample of Fijians 12.30pm – 2pm at 113 , CELT building USP


Modern Prejudice Theory suggests that the incidence of old fashioned blatant prejudice has declined significantly over the past few decades. The research in this area has generally shown that advantaged group members are extremely reluctant to directly endorse any negative feelings towards disadvantaged groups and/or a desire for social distance from these groups.  The reduction in blatant prejudice may be due to the desire for people to present themselves as unbiased and egalitarian. Additionally, in many societies, discriminatory practices are illegal and people who show prejudice are objects of disapproval. More importantly, a major underlying assumption of Modern Prejudice Theory is old-fashioned blatant prejudice has been replaced with more subtle and indirect forms of prejudicial behaviors (i.e., modern prejudice). One signification criticism of this perspective involves the almost exclusive focus on the attitudes and actions of White Americans.  There has been a dearth of research assessing how modern prejudice views might influence intergroup responses among people of color or cultures with minimal social sanctions against the expression of prejudice.
To begin to address the significant limitations in the modern prejudice literature, the present study explored the incidence of old fashioned homonegativity and modern homonegativity among a sample of Fijians. There was also an examination of the moderating role of gender, ethnicity (I-Taukei, Indo-Fijians), and religion (i.e., Methodist, Hindu, Muslim). In addition, the mediating role of interpersonal contact with homosexuals was also explored. Despite anecdotal evidence of pervasive homophobia in the Pacific Region, this study represents one of the first empirical explorations of this issue in a Fijian population.  The findings revealed significant gender, ethnic, and religious differences in homonegativity among Fijians. Additionally, interpersonal contact with homosexuals had a significant influence on homonegative responses.

Ok, my inbox is empty. Go do stuff. It's fun.

Tuesdays in Suva

One day at a time and I might be able to get a full week of things listed.

Here's what I've found for Tuesdays in Suva:

Pure Fiji Zenergy 
9:00 - 10:00 AM Circuit Training
18:00-19:00 685 TABATA(Cardio,Abs)

Suva Yoga Collective 
9:00 - 10:00 General Flow
18:00 - 19:00 Beginner's Flow

Metrogym Suva
13:00 - 14:00 Boxing Classes

Shut Up and Write! Suva
Semi-regular group that meets to shut up and write. Here's the deets: Meet at Mango Cafe for a coffee and a chat at 14:00 followed by an hour of solid writing/working. We don't critique each other's work or even really discuss it. It's more of a chance to be social while doing something that is normally a solitary pursuit. Also, the peer pressure to write does tend to blow away writer's block! 

Warning: this isn't a review or critique group. We chitchat for a bit and then we shut up and write (or design or make movies or draw or in some way create) The only structure you're going to get is a goal to write THREE pages while you're here -- that's approximately 750 words. Are you in? 

Can't make it this time but would like to go to our next meeting? Join the Shut Up and Write! Suva group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/510323819008862/

I know there's more stuff out there, but it hasn't popped out the bushes yet. I'll update this as I find stuff.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Mondays in Suva

In my previous posts I left out the things that happen every week. Here's a list of things I know about, I'll update as I learn more about Suva.

Pure Fiji Zenergy
5:30-6:30 AM Body Pump
9:00 - 10:00 AM Body Pump
18:00-19:00 Body Pump

Suva Yoga Collective
9:00 - 10:00 Easy Flow
18:00 - 19:00 General Flow

Yikes, my timer is going off, I have to run, but I'll update this as I'm able

Friday, March 6, 2015

That looks like fun! When is it?

One of our moves was when our son was three years old. I knew that I wanted to enroll him in soccer, but I didn't know where or how to do it in our new town. Between househunting and settling in I missed the soccer sign up. After that I vowed not to let deadlines like that pass us by. We've moved three more times since then and in each new place I start reading the local paper voraciously and asking for referrals (where can I find a piano teacher? Do you know a good hair salon? When are signups for ___?)

And still I miss things.



How do you keep track of all the cool stuff going on around you?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

More things going on in Suva/Fiji in March and April

This came across my email

from 1 Billion Rising:

What a better way to commemorate International Women's Day, than to push some boundaries and welcome in a revolution!

We bring to you Eve Ensler's hilarious, eye-opening tour into the last frontier, the forbidden zone at the heart of every woman.

A full theater performance of the Vagina Monologues! Its rocked audiences around the world including in Suva! Women will give voices to a chorus of lusty, outrageous, poignant, and thoroughly human stories!

 An event not to be missed by WOMEN or MEN! Join us this Friday @ Nadi, FNU Namaka Campus for a laugh out loud funny and deeply moving evening! And if you are not in the West maybe this is the time to plan that trip!!

Spread the word and the love!

And this for academics and the people they love:

The University Expat Partners and Spouses will meet at 9AM Tuesday, 10 March at Central Coffee on the USP campus. Any expat partner/spouse affiliated with a local university is invited to attend. 

and for the active among us, you know who you are: the Rucksack Club newsletter

Upcoming Trips and Meetings



  • 3-6th - Cycle Around Viti Levu - DEADLINE MARCH 11th
  • 3-6th - Nubutautau Village Adventure
  • 8th - Club Meeting
  • 13th - Film Factory (Stay Tuned to the April Newsletter and watch Facebook)
  • 15th - Committee Meeting
  • 18th - Nalalawa 3k walk + waterfall with Happy Home Children - (Stay Tuned to the April Newsletter and watch Facebook)
  • 18th - Nabalesere Waterfall + Wailotua Caves
  • 25th - Learn from the Scientists (Frog night with Nunia)

The club is grateful to have a committed team of members who meet as a committee to plan and discuss future trips and  activities.  If you’d like to organise a trip or get involved, please contact any of the below.
Rucksack Club Post Holders
Email Address
Daniel Gerecke (President / Key Master)
Jason Kuczek (Vice President / Newsletter)
Alison Hayes (Treasurer)
Richard Clemo (Deputy Treasurer)
Tess Martin (Membership Secretary)

Full disclaimer: I'm just copying and pasting here. If any of this info is yours and you want it down, let me know.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stuff I heard about that looks fun - March Edition

This week's episode of "Amerika Moves To Fiji" found me visiting a lawn bowling club and then a spice farm. Tuesday I was at bookclub at my son's school and then was briefing high school students on how to welcome career speakers to their school. Tomorrow I'm going to training with Corona Fiji to learn more about the hospital trolley. I also have the chance to present some workshops and in the afternoon I'll meet with a fellow expat about developing opportunities for campus expat partners and spouses.

So how did I find out about all this?

Well, one part is that I made some of these things happen by saying yes to opportunities that came my way. There's an improv theatre rule that you can apply to life: say "yes." If you're lucky you'll find someone in your life who'll say "yes" back. I remember reading about that and making a promise to myself to saying yes to as many things as I could. And that, dear reader, is the short version of how I ended up in Fiji.

But there's more to it than that. I also look for what's happening around me. I can't go to everything, but I like knowing about it. And today here's the stuff I heard about, most of it written the very same way it was shared with me:

♦ 5 March 2015 Free Cancer Clinic There was an estimated 14.1 million cancer cases around the world in 2012. The number is expected to rise to 19.3 million by 2025 (World Cancer Research Fund International) Do not wait until it's too late. Educate yourself on cancer now. You are all welcome to attend the Cancer Clinic at USP’s Health & Wellness Centre, and take advantage of the free private consultations with Fiji Cancer Society staff, and basic examinations for early detection.
Time:    9am – 2.30pm
Venue: USP Health & Wellness Centre (beside USP Westpac).

♦ 6 March 2015 Confucius Institute Free Movie Showing

♦ 7 March 2015 Zumba class at the USP Sports Gym this Saturday 7th March from 8am to 9am. These Saturday classes will be ongoing once a month.
Rates Adults - $5.00  & USP Student with valid Id’s and Kids - $3.00 Instructor – Litia Contact Mark on mark.fung@usp.ac.fj for queries.

♦ 25 & 26  March 2015 10AM Pacific Market Day, USP Campus, across from Cost-U-Less

♦ 28 March 2015 Nature Fiji: Learn from the Scientists: Meet the Architects of the Streams with Bindiya 28th March 2015 (Saturday morning)
Join Bindiya for a trip to Nabukavesi 3-tier waterfall and discover the animals, their in-
stream habitat preferences and how they act as bio-indicators for a healthy stream. Expect to see damselflies, dragonflies, caddis flies, mayflies, aquatic moths and more. Participants working in small teams will have fun sampling freshwater macro- invertebrates from the river, examining the diverse animals and learn the ecological importance of each individual collected. All sampling equipment will be provided. Transport will be provided: 7.30 am: Depart Suva from the Civic Center bus stop Destination: Nabukavesi, 40 mins from Suva. 12.30pm Depart Nabukavesi

I have trouble sitting on really cool info like this, so I'm passing it along. Hopefully I'll see you at one or more of these events!

Oh, and if you heard about something and want to get the word out about it, post a comment below or touch base, I'm pretty easy to find. EVEN BETTER - If you want to consolidate this information yourself and promise to share it for free and without using it to make a profit, send me your email, I'll happily send info your way.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I'll ask Mary

My next door neighbor is moving away today. I'm ready to bawl. If you've been following this closely you might be wondering "How did you get so close to someone when you only moved there 5 months ago?"

I first met Mary on an extended visit to Suva in 2013. Every morning we'd walk our kids down the schoolbus and we'd come back to a cup of coffee. At the time she was relatively new to Fiji, but she was already a font of information!

A year and change passed in a blur and soon my husband and I were deciding to make our time in the Pacific permanent. Not a week went by that I wasn't tweeting or emailing or facebooking Mary and asking for advice before my move from the Big Apple.

Now I've been here 5 months and everyone comments on how well I've settled in. Mary, Thank you.

So, in a nutshell, here's the highlights of the things I remember asking Mary how to do -- and also things she told me not to do! This is going to be a very incomplete list, but I promise to come back and add to it as a pearl of her wisdom bubbles out of the wrinkles in this blob of gray matter of mine.

Mary let me know

  • to take every skin puncture, burn, and abrasion seriously. Clean it well, preferably with an antiseptic disinfectant like Dettol, Fiji is in the tropics, things get infected and can go septic faster than you ever imagined. 
  • if something is weird with your skin, it's fungus. Get some Selsun Gold. 
  • to use insect repellent religiously. Not religious? Use it the way you use your phone - from the minute you get up to the minute you go to sleep. 
  • to take care of your feet. You probably won't wear closed toe shoes as often (or ever!) here, your chances of cutting, puncturing, twisting, blistering and just plain wearing out your feet are higher here. Also pedicures are awesome, get them frequently. Mary loves Beauty Mantra, but I haven't found a favorite place here.  
  • regardless of what your alcoholic drink of choice is, when you go to an event, especially one for work, drink beer. It's hot here, you're sweating more than you realize, and wine or mixed drinks will hit you harder than you expect. Drink beer so your thirst is at least partially quenched and you don't end up dancing on the bar. 
  • that if there's something you absolutely can't live without in the States then you'd better bring a year's supply with you when you move because there's no guarantee that you'll be able to get it here. 
  • when you see something that you used in the states/UK that you haven't seen before in the store, buy it. You never know when it will show up in the store again.
  • Stumped? Search the Suva Expats facebook group. If still no answer, post your question.
  • that when you go to resort, regardless of how many stars it has, you still want some essentials: Line for anchoring kayaks, Snacks,  Mosquito coils, Matches, Bug repellent, Bug killer, Bite salve, Antihistimines, Sun screen, Shampoo, Hairbrush, Snorkel stuff, First aid kit including antiseptic, Water/cups, Games, Torch, Earplugs, Camera/cable, Phone charger, Mask demister  
  • that even if you don't know somebody, go to an expats group meeting. Chances are you do know somebody, and even if you don't one month expat time is like one year of knowing a person anywhere else (I think the expat time quote might actually be from another expat) 
Here are some of the local expat groups. I've listed them in the order within the month that they meet:
Other Suva expats' blogs can be helpful!
I'll update this as I get a chance, but I have to go now. I've already had my wifi completely quit and two video calls that I had to take on my phone. At least the water didn't go out as it did yesterday. Or the electricity... that happened way too frequently this past month.