Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Can't work, but this isn't exactly working

For most of us we have no choice - we must bring home a paycheck or the bills don't get paid. But there are some of us who have to cool our heels, some less voluntarily than others. When I moved to Fiji I became one of them. My visa is a resident visa - pretty much the only thing I am allowed to do is reside in this country. 

There is something that I am allowed to do, and luckily it comes to me as easily as breathing - I can connect people.  

I've written previously about the different international organizations here in Suva for new arrivals like myself. One of them is Suva University Partners and Spouses International - SUPASI. Today I sat down for the chat portion of "Shut Up and Write!" and one of the SUPASI members asked who he should contact to start a local chapter of Operação Nariz Vermelho (Operation Red Nose) here in Fiji. Completely and totally by chance the former organizer of the Corona Fiji trolley volunteers had just sat down next to us. I introduced the two of them and they exchanged contact info. 


I'm super excited! These are both such super organizations and seeing reps from each one trade info and ideas is so cool. 

Corona Fiji raises money for the Colonial War Memorial Hospital here in Suva through raffles, cash donations, and in kind donations from its members. The members then take the in-kind donations of toys, toiletries, new and gently used baby, children, and women's clothing by its members and stock a rolling cart. Each Friday morning 5 volunteers roll the trolley stocked with these donated items around the maternity, antenatal and paediatric wards. The items are priced at pennies on the dollar of their actual worth, many only $1FJD or so. All the proceeds are donated back to CWM in the form of much needed medical equipment or non-medical items. 

Operation Red Nose goal is to bring joy to hospitalized children, their families, and the health professionals that care for them through visits from "Doctor Clown." This was started in 2002 in Portugal after its founder Beatrize Quintella read an article about Clown Doctors visiting American children. The Clown Doctors of Operation Red Nose have a heart on their nose - a red nose of infinite generosity. 

I can't work for pay, I'm even super limited in how I volunteer my time, but I am super excited about how the people I bring together spark ideas. Together we're making things happen and I love it. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

If you really want to know someone, take away their wifi

My home internet has been spotty since Cyclone Winston in late February. (I also have mold everywhere, but that's a whole different story)

I've heard it said that if you really want to know someone you should travel with them. To that, I would add, spend some time with them when you have spotty/slow internet.

In case you're wondering, I get cranky without my internet.

This concludes our special post, which is a replacement for the post that didn't upload and then disappeared.