Sunday, December 31, 2017

On the bright side

My family is notorious for its pranks. As a result bathroom doors are locked during showers and innocuous gifts are routinely inspected. 

A few weeks back the junior prankster succeeded in pranking the prankmeister. Time went by and it looked like he got away with it, too. 

This morning I heard muffled screams coming from the shower. They didn't sound like mortal terror, more like "quit it" type screams; I figured the prankmeister had dumped ice cubes over the shower curtain onto the junior prankster. 

Um, no.

The dripping wet junior prankster stuck his head out of the bathroom and shouted "There's a crab in my shower!" 

Apparently as he was showering he heard a clanking noise by his feet and looked down. The drain cover then started to move aside and a dark hairy something waved out of the drain. 

Commence the screams.

He jumped out of the shower but looked back in to see a softball sized mud crab covered in hair from the drain pull itself out of the drainpipe and then try to exit the shower stall.

Um, no. 

On the bright side, at least we know the drains are clear.