Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Shut Up and Write! Suva

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Before we moved to Fiji I would see my neighbor-to-be Mary's posts about Shut Up and Write! Suva and I couldn't wait to move to Fiji and join the writing group.

In 2014 I moved. I started going to SUAW!

I LOVED it! I met so many new and fascinating people through the group. I was writing for Island Life magazine as well as posting on my blog almost weekly. Things were jumping!

And then life happened. One day I will write about those days, but today is not that day. 

And then I stopped hosting SUAW!

And then I stopped going to SUAW!

And the stats show what didn't happen.

Recently a new arrival asked about activities in Suva and I realized that the writing group might be a good match. I scheduled a date in our SUAW! FB group and not only did people show up, they mentioned how much they had missed it. Offline I had people tell me about the difference it had made in family members' lives. Even before I got to SUAW this week it already felt so awesome to have it on the calendar! I'm really happy Shut up and Write! has restarted and I'm looking forward to getting more thoughts off my chest and out into the world.

Here's our group. I hope you can join us sometime, and I really hope you can host a group sometime. You're helping me write :)


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