Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Souvenirs from Fiji

What do you give to a centenarian? And what do you give to the extended family members who are coming to the celebration/family reunion? In this hyperconnected world where anything can be purchased online, how do you give something that is truly authentic and one of a kind? Ok, well, maybe I have that one covered ONE time, but how do I keep that sentiment and find enough gifts for my extended family without going broke?

Here are my people/categories of gift that I need to buy for:
  • Grandma
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Sisters & almost sister-in-law
  • Brother & brothers in law
  • housewarming gifts
  • Aunts
  • Uncles
  • Cousins
  • People I'm related to, and could probably tell you how if I really thought about it
  • Friends I'm seeing on my layover, friends I'm staying with when I get there, friends I run into that I don't have any idea to expect. 

Here's what I got: 
  • Pure Fiji gift packs. I love these products. I wish they had an unscented version, but although the strong fragrances slow me down, they don't stop me. My feet get all kinds of beat up wearing flip flops all the time and the sugar scrub totally revitalizes and rehydrates them. The coconut oil, lotions, and body butter are just icing on that cake.  
  • Pure Fiji mosquito repellent. I'm going to an outdoor family reunion... in Texas .... in the summer. The repellent is Fiji patio tested and mom-approved, pretty sure it will hold up to a summer reunion.   
  • hand printed sulus in a variety of colors and weights and designs. Pics will have to get posted later. I chose these because they're 2 meters of beautiful fabric. They can be used for their traditional purpose as a loose skirt, but they also make great table cloths and scarves or can be sewn into dresses or pillows or all kinds of other neat things. It's a good thing I'm coming back to Fiji because some of these sulus are so beautiful that I don't want to let them go! 
  • Individual packets of kava and bilos - This sort of walks the line between keychains and a truly useful gift. I get small packets of kava made up at the market, they're all individually wrapped and I give them with a coconut cup or bilo. They cost me about $1.50 per gift, and are very much a part of Fijian life here. That said, I know that many of the people I give them to are probably never going to open their kava and try it. Isa! 
  • Nature Fiji Mareqete Viti calendars - I started by attending NFMV events, somehow or another I found myself volunteering at their events. I have truly taken a deep drink of the kool-aid. That said, the calendars that NFMV publishes are simply awesome. Click the link to see for yourself! 
  • Fijian Pearl necklace
  • Salusalu
  • Pacific Dialogue greeting cards

So. That's my list. What would you give? 

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