Wednesday, August 13, 2014

To buy or not to buy aka I have one, but it's in the container

We packed up our worldly possessions and moved halfway around the world. We had to break things into three sets:
One set to go in the container
One set to go in the suitcases we were taking to Fiji in August
One set to stay in New York for when my son and I came back in September.

It's said that man plans and God laughs. We got here ok but one of my suitcases didn't. Luckily things like my shoes, my bras & undies and a pair of pants, a pair of shorts and a skirt were in the suitcase that did get here. Unfortunately I only had the one shirt I was wearing and another that was in our dirty laundry. Oh and we had dinner with hub's new boss planned for the second night we got here. Yikes! A quick shopping trip to Jacks of Fiji covered me, but put me in an odd position for my first week. Should I buy ___ or wait for the suitcase. That was especially tough the first couple of days when Fiji Airways hadn't even located my suitcase yet.

Breathe. As a friend of mine sent me a quote from Fight Club: “It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.” ― Chuck Palahniuk

Thankfully Thursday night I got word that my suitcase was on the way to Suva.

In the meantime I'd been taking full advantage of my favorite part of our new place:
Starting my morning with a cup of coffee and a cool breeze off the patio
No, not the view,
the Washer and Dryer!

Did I mention that I didn't have a washer in New York? I'm kind of picky about my laundry, it was not fun to send it out, but it was even less fun to schlep it to the laundromat. 
So now we're settling in, we've gone to the grocery store and picked up the essentials, like cooking oil and onions and garlic and ginger, but there's a few more things that we need.

See, we made dinner with fresh fish we got at the market, and we invited over the neighbors.
Those skewers? Not ours

Those skewers? We had to borrow them.

That cutting  board? Also not ours, but that came with the house. The wineglasses didn't. 
Those wine glasses? Also borrowed.

We have all kinds of stuff... 
I don't think I'll be wearing the black boots in Fiji, I just couldn't bear to give them away. Do you know how hard it is for a woman my size to find knee high leather boots that fit my calves? 
We just don't have it here. It's all in a container that's on a slow boat to China, er, Fiji.
See all that stuff? It's ours. We miss it. Well, not all of it, but I want my corkscrew. 
So the question is now: should we buy wine glasses and a corkscrew or just keep inviting over the neighbors? 

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  1. When you get that shipping container, let me know. I could use it for something like this. :)