Thursday, July 24, 2014

I ♥ twitter

Tweeting in 2009
Ok, so this post isn't really move related, but it kinda sorta is. I ♥ twitter and I have since I moved to Lawrence, Kansas in 2008. We rented a place for 3 months about 10 miles out of town. Since it was a short term rental we didn't want to put money down for a permanent internet solution. I figured I'd just drive into town whenever I needed internet access. After all, I had an IPHONE (cue the ooh, ahh), why did I need internet access at home?

Um, yeah. This was 2008 and there weren't many mobile-optimized sites back then. But there was this really cool really awesome way to keep in touch with people and make new friends in my new home and I could do it totally via text message. Voila, it's Twitter!

What? Twitter has SMS commands? Why yes, it does ☺Here's a handy dandy list. You're welcome.

So, follow me on twitter. When I get Suva it's probably the only social media I'll be engaging with until I get settled in. It'll probably be light on the photos but high on entries, because I tweet. A lot. 

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