Monday, July 11, 2016

Fiji Sale Groups

After two years with much of our stuff in storage I'm finally able to unpack and consolidate and realize that in some cases we have THREE of the same item (the Fiji household, the NY household, and the stuff that was in storage) I've heard that it's pretty easy to sell via Facebook, so I started joining sales groups. There are plenty to choose from! Here are the ones I've found. There are some that have the same names but are completely different groups. Happy Sales! 

  1. Best Deals Fijiwide
  2. Buy and Sell Fiji Importz
  3. Buy and Sell in Bula Style
  4. Buy And Sell in Fiji
  5. Buy and Sell in Fiji
  6. Buy and Sell in Fiji
  7. Buy and Sell in Fiji (Musical Instruments)
  8. Buy and Sell in Suva Central
  9. Buy N Sell (Fiji) 
  10. Buy N Sell in Suva
  11. Buying and Selling in Fiji
  12. Ebay Online (Fiji) 
  13. Fiji Buyers and Sellers
  14. Fiji Classifieds (Free)
  15. Fiji Computers and Mobile Phones
  16. Fiji Facebook Market
  17. Fiji for Free
  18. Fiji Shop
  19. Fiji Zone (Hot Online Sales)
  20. Fijian Trader
  21. Fiji's Best Deals - Buy or Sell
  22. Fiji's Clothes and Shoes (2nd Hand)
  23.  Free Ads, Buying & Selling Fiji
  24. Freecycle Suva Group
  25. Garage Sale Suva to Nausori
  26. Genuine Traders Fiji
  27. iPhone, Samsung HTC (Spidey)
  28.  iPhones Samsung HTC 
  29. Men, Women, Kids, Houseware 2nd-hand Items for Sale
  30. Mobile Buy and Sale Fiji
  31. Mobile Fones 4 Sale
  32. Mobile phones 4 sale (spidey)
  33. New n Second Hand Clothes, Bags, and Accessories for Sale
  34. Online Bargains - Fiji Islands
  35. Plus Size Lewas Nadi
  36. Plus Size Queens
  37. Suva Expats Market
  38. Totally Mums
  39. TradeMe Fiji

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