Friday, November 13, 2015

The Week of AGMs!

The International Women's Association Annual General Meeting is on Monday November 16th at 10AM. This is the grande dame of Suva organizations, the year I arrived they raised over FJ$200,000 for charities. They can be reached at Their usual meeting is the first Monday of the month.

Tuesday is the Women Entrepreneurs in Business Council Meeting at 3:00 PM November 17th. Members range from market stall vendors to owners of large businesses. They will have a guest speaker from the USA this week. They can be reached at I believe they meet once every two months on the third Tuesday.

Wednesday November 18th is the Corona Fiji Annual General Meeting and Christmas Bazaar. Corona runs a weekly trolley at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital and coordinate the donation of medical equipment to the hospital. Their monthly meetings tend to highlight an aspect of Fijian culture through demonstrations and speakers and are a lot of fun. Email Corona Fiji <> to RSVP. Corona generally meets every month on the third Wednesday of the month.

Thursday is the American Women's Association Annual General Meeting and Thanksgiving potluck. This group is open to women of any nationality and focuses on settling into Fiji and developing friendships. AWA is providing the main dishes but attendees are asked to bring their favorite dish. It ties into Thanksgiving as a celebration of family and tradition. is the best way to reach the AWA leadership. AWA almost always meets on the last Thursday of the month, but as most Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on that day in November they moved the November meeting up a week so the Americans can celebrate with their families.

Friday is the Asian Ladies Group. The International School has an annual Fun Day with food stalls from all around the world. About five years ago a number of women from Asia commented on how much fun it was to share food from their homelands and sample the food of other countries so they started a monthly group for members of the Asian diaspora. This group meets monthly and is almost always a potluck because the focus is on homemade dishes and asian foods. I believe in 2015 they met at a restaurant twice. Asian Ladies Suva <> is used to coordinate RSVPs for their meetings. Their meeting moves some, but is generally the third week of the month.

They usually all meet on different weeks of the month, but November got all crowded together. I'm really thankful that they're not all on the same day!  

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