Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A typical day

I posted this a few days ago on facebook:

What does a typical day in Fiji look like? I still can't tell you. Today I walked past the mangroves, shopped the first day of new stock at Value City, ate lunch at an open air food court, and saw some great art. We came home to a ginormous rhinoceros beetle crawling over our doorstep. Typical day? Maybe. Does it resemble any previous day of our life in New York? Definitely not.

Mangroves along the sea wall near My Suva Park

Harbor Court Open Air Food Court in Suva

Value City closes periodically to add new stock. It's a full house as shoppers look the secondhand merchandise over after.

Alice Hill of Hot Glass Fiji speaking at the British High Commission Residence

Side View of a female rhinoceros beetle. Bad pic, but I swear it was huge
Today during the chat portion of our Shut Up and Write group we were talking about what a "typical" day in Suva looks like. I really don't know. Some days it's not much different than my life in the states. Other days, like when I go to the store and can't find strawberry yogurt or fresh milk or spaghetti sauce, it feels incredibly frustrating and difficult. And still other days, like when I see a palm tree growing from a coconut, I'm amazed all over again that I live in Fiji. What's a typical day in Fiji like? I'll let you know when I get to one.

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