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Family Memberships - April 2015 NFMV Event - A Frog Night with Nunia

So much to do, so little time!

When I moved to New York I remember having an awful sense that I was missing things. There were simply too many things going on and I was too new and I couldn't parse the info quickly enough to find activities that our family wanted to participate in. One thing that I'd learned when we moved to Tennessee was that if something AMAZING was missed to talk to the organizers and ask when they planned to hold it next year and add that to my calendar with enough advance notice to be sure to RSVP. 

Got it. 

But how to handle a huge number of activities coming at you from every direction?

One of my coworkers gave me some advice for which I will forever be grateful. She suggested that we join one institution each year and for that one year make that institution our priority in planning our outings. We didn't need to be monogamous, we could of course go to different places and do different things, but for one year we should try to do as many events as that institution offered and we could fit in our schedule. 

So we did. We joined the zoo one year and stopped in on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays and Sundays. We were members, so it didn't matter if we were only going for an hour or for hours, We would go and only look at one exhibit. We would go, leave, get some lunch, and come back. Instead of feeling tied to one place, we had this incredible sense of freedom. It was awesome. 

Another year we joined the Museum of Modern Art. (My turn! Can you tell?) I LOVED it and dragged my son along more times that he would like to admit. One time in the middle of the year I met a friend there to see the Diego Rivera exhibit. We were spending ages with each painting and our son was bored to tears. He politely asked if he could go down to the gift shop and I said yes. My friend and I came to the end of the exhibit and decided to meet up with my preteen in the gift shop.

Except... there was no pre-teen in the gift shop. At first I was bemused, I figured he was sitting on the floor reading a book or perhaps listening to music while he waited. I checked all the corners, walked all the aisles. No son. I was one minute away from talking to security when I remembered he had a cell phone (bear with me, you don't always think straight when you're anxious) 

He promptly answered

"I'm in the Design Exhibit. I wanted to look at some things we saw last time."

This is the kid I had to cajole and bribe to go with me choosing of his own volition to look at an exhibit. That one line made that year's membership fee worth it. 

So, long story short, after six months here it's getting to be time for us to choose our cultural institution. This one looks pretty good, what do you think? 


NatureFiji-MareqetiViti is Fiji's only domestic NGO working solely for the conservation and sustainable management of Fiji's unique natural heritage

Learn from the Scientists

Frog Night with Nunia

Join Nunia for a night walk at Colo-I-Suva and discover her fascination for frogs

25th April 2015


Saturday night 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Colo I Suva Forest Park

Hate frogs? Scared of frogs?
Join Nunia for a night walk at Colo I Suva and discover her fascination for frogs. They come in many colours, not just green as most people think.

Nunia used to be terrified of frogs, lizards and snakes. On her first frog survey, she could not stand handling a frog and would chase it so that the next person could catch it. She now thinks Fiji's frogs are the cutest frogs in the whole world.

Meet: at the car park of Colo I Suva Forest Park at 6.30pm.

Minimum Age: 10 years.

Cost: $10 for NatureFiji member. $15 for non-member.

Estimated walk is 1.5 hours. Wear long pants and suitable shoes for walking.

Bring a torch and mosquito repellent.

Buses from Suva bus station (aprox.$2, 30 minutes) or a faster taxi ride for $15-$20. 

Become an NFMV member today!

Become a member and enjoy the discounted rate. Limited places available so book and make payment early. Contact :
Anna Billings t - 310 0598
Swee Kok t - 8338608

Nunia Thomas

Nunia Thomas, is the Director of NatureFiji, Fiji's only local NGO for the conservation and sustainable use of Fiji's biodiversity.

She is a passionate herpetologist and is often called upon for her expertise in biodiversity expeditions.

Nunia is the Fiji NGO focal point of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, technical advisor on the government led American Iguana Eradication Campaign, National Protected Areas Committee and NBSAP Species working group.

Prior to NatureFiji, Nunia was involved in planning and establishing long-term monitoring plots for invasive plants in two of Fiji's protected areas; and conducted ecological studies on some of Fiji's endangered species.

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